How Does the Support of Your Solution Stack Up?

Quality of Support

We’ve shared a number of examples of how Zoey customers say that our support stands out from other solutions they are, but how do we truly compare to our competition? As it happens, our customers believe we are above the rest of the pack, based on our ranking in a survey of customers of a variety of platforms.

Zoey Vendor Support #1 Ranking Software Reviews 2020 Ecommerce Emotional Footprint Report

In the SoftwareReviews 2020 Ecommerce Emotional Footprint Report, Zoey ranked first out the Ecommerce platforms that placed in the survey. All of the results came from confirmed customers of the various platforms that were included in the survey, and out of the 10 included, Zoey had an 87% Satisfaction rate, well above the 76% category average.

SoftwareReviews Reports evaluate and rank products based on feedback from technology and business leaders and end users. Evaluations and rankings are proudly founded in 100% user review data and are free of traditional non-data-driven components such as analyst opinion.

Zoey’s customers have regularly touted the quality of our support as a unique differentiator. Here’s an example from satisfied Zoey customer Milkhouse Candle Company:

Even after getting involved with Zoey, noting something that wasn’t quite what we needed, I put a ticket in. The support team said it was on the docket they wanted to develop, and it was added. This feature that didn’t exist now exists because of our feedback. We’ve had a continual process where we ask and Zoey responds. It’s really intriguing to see.

Eric Sparrow, Milkhouse Candle Company

One of the most common responses from our customers is how our customer support doesn’t leave them waiting for an answer. We strive for first-inquiry resolution, and answers in hours, not days. Here’s another example from Zoey customer Commonwealth Packaging Company:

I cannot stress enough, at least for me personally, the customer service. It is what sealed the deal. When I set up my day, I decide on what I’m going to do. This includes setting aside time to work on my Zoey stuff. If I hit something that I couldn’t do, I would normally worry I’d have to rearrange my day. But because I get responses so quickly, it’s not a problem.

Kris Cardene, Commonwealth Packaging Company

Even when you’re setting up your store, you get a chance to experience Zoey’s high level of support early. It was an aspect of the site build that reinforced the decision to pick Zoey for Ninkasi Brewing Company:

It was easy to create the site, but there were a few things I didn’t know if we could get it to work how we needed it. Within a day he reached back out, and said now it’s working that way. We had not had that kind of service yet; that made a big difference. Knowing we could get that kind of support moving forward gave [Zoey] a lot of points there.

Becca Livingston, Ninkasi Brewing Company

Many Commerce platforms expect you to figure it out on your own, or hire someone that will charge you to figure it out on your behalf. Zoey works as a part of your team – your success is our success, so we work tirelessly to make sure our customers get the help they need to achieve their goals for a Zoey implementation.

To learn more about SoftwareReviews and Zoey’s recent award as part of the report, check out our recent press release. You can visit SoftwareReviews to download a copy of the report.

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