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There are many businesses that have not fully embraced or adopted a true online B2B Commerce solution. They continue to work with outdated techniques such as phone/email orders, or use solutions that were built in a different era and were less rich in capability and purpose than those available today.

Fortunately, there are companies out there that are leveraging modern technology and capabilities to develop solutions that are more robust and enhances a company’s productivity. Zoey is one such company, as rated by its customers.

Zoey Product Experience 100% Enables Productivity Software Reviews 2020 Ecommerce Emotional Footprint Report

In the SoftwareReviews 2020 Ecommerce Emotional Footprint Report, Zoey’s customers gave us a rating of 100% Enables Productivity when it comes to the Product Experience, meaning all customers surveyed felt Zoey was able to enable more productivity out of the existing team, vs. needing to hire more.

SoftwareReviews Reports evaluate and rank products based on feedback from technology and business leaders and end users. Evaluations and rankings are proudly founded in 100% user review data and are free of traditional non-data-driven components such as analyst opinion.

But don’t take our word for it, or even the word of our customers from our survey. Our customers routinely tout the improved productivity Zoey offers. Take this example from Zoey customer Manamed:

Prior to using Zoey we had 2 people entering orders full time. Our only option was to keep hiring more people to keep up with demand.

Our orders have grown 50 percent per day but now we only have 1 person doing order entry (which is mostly for the key accounts that are unique) and moving forward we aren’t worried about scaling this.

So, we’re able to not only grow without falling behind, but also start transitioning the customer service team from a purely data-entry group to one that is focused on helping customers and providing a great experience.

Erik Lorenz, Manamed

Cannabis Irrigation Supply is able to offer better individualized support for their customers through a streamlined ordering process that makes it easier for both their customers and their staff:

Our website went from a disorganized back end mess where we had to jump through hoops and do special work for each different customer and customer group, to now where we can offer each customer a unique pricing set over our entire line of products.

With simple file uploads we can have a new B2B or wholesale customer setup with custom pricing along with a streamlined process for placing orders without having to visit each product page.

Peter Luchsinger, Cannabis Irrigation Supply

For Burt Process Equipment, the ability to manage their complex product data more seamlessly meant unlocking time to be spent on other parts of the business. That became evident even during the evaluation period:

One of the things that impressed my employers was I loaded in
24,000 products in the first week that I had it. That’s something that with the old system took a much longer time. That was something that shocked my employers.

Chris Griffin, Burt Process

These are just a few of the customers that have leveraged Zoey to transform their business digitally and strengthen their ability to sell and manage orders online. You can see more examples of our customers here.

To learn more about SoftwareReviews and Zoey’s recent award as part of the report, check out our recent press release. You can visit SoftwareReviews to download a copy of the report.

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