Fundera Compliments Zoey’s Comprehensive B2B Commerce Focus

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While we’re happy at Zoey to share with you our belief that we’re a unique offering in a world of B2B Commerce solutions, it’s always great to see when others concur in external reviews. Recently, Fundera posted a review of Zoey Commerce, and had a lot of great things to say about what we’re doing.

In her review, Randa Kriss, a senior staff writer at Fundera, noted Zoey’s focus on B2B features as a key differentiator:

Without a doubt, the features that Zoey offers for B2B and wholesale merchants is one of the software’s most significant qualities. Not many competitors include these kinds of capabilities as such an integral part of their platform, if they offer them at all.

This being said, therefore, Zoey’s unique, advanced functionalities—like the Request a Quote tool, advanced quick order, and restricted site access—truly make it a viable and useful situation for these types of businesses.

She notes that the comprehensive nature of the feature set is furthermore remarkable:

Not only does Zoey ecommerce offer impressive capabilities for B2B businesses, but on the whole, the platform includes a wide range of features. In this way, Zoey is certainly an all-inclusive platform, providing detailed and useful tools for every facet of ecommerce.

Moreover, Zoey considers the different business users who may be utilizing their software, from salespeople to administrators and offers features to accommodate these specific roles. Plus, although Zoey does give you the ability to integrate with third-party add-ons through their app store, most of the functionality you need for your business is already built-in to the platform.

Zoey’s team has invested heavily in expanding and perfecting our feature set focused on wholesalers, distributors, brands and B2B businesses, keeping in mind the various business roles that will need to interact with these features on a daily basis.

Our unique combination of features, and the Software-as-a-Service model that makes them easier to manage and leverage, will give businesses a head start in leveraging modern capabilities to build a stronger online business.

You can checkout Fundera’s full review of Zoey, but we’re happy to review your business needs and discuss how Zoey can help you succeed. Simply click the button below to request a meeting with our Customer Success team:

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