Zoey Launches Google Sheet Importer App

Google Sheets Importer app announcement

We’ve heard our merchants’ requests to have a way to more simply automate product data addition and updates via spreadsheet, and are pleased to announce a new app, free and available to all customers, that can import data pulled from Google Sheets documents to manage product data, both new product additions and existing product updates.

With the importer tool you are able to specify one or multiple Google Sheets that can be synced on a schedule of your choosing, such as daily or weekly, to pull the latest information from the spreadsheet and import it into Zoey.

If you perform regular tasks such as inventory restocks once a week, you can set up the data on a Google Sheet and have it automatically import, vs. doing so manually within Zoey itself.

The app is flexible enough to map Zoey fields to columns in a sheet, so if you have attribute data that needs to be incorporated, for instance, you can easily do so by setting up relationships in the Column Configuration section.

And, since these settings can be updated as needed, if your Google Sheets columns evolves, you can ensure Zoey can keep up with those changes without much difficulty.

The app will also keep a record of your imports, and can let you know of any issues that occurred during import, so you can resolve it and reimport. The audit log also saves a copy of the file that it grabbed, so you can see what it looked like at the time of import.

The app can be installed to any Zoey store quickly and easily through Zoey’s app store. Click the button below to learn more about the Google Sheets Importer app, or to install it and get started:

Learn More About the Google Sheets Importer App

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