December 2020 iOS App Improvements and Updates

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The Zoey team has continued to take in feedback around our iOS app, and has released a new wave of updates as development of the Android version continues. Here are some of the key additions for the 2.0 version of the iOS app, released earlier this month, and which is now available on the app store.

Remember that new versions’ release notes will appear in the support documentation as they are released, including smaller releases not covered on the blog!

  • We’ve improved the UI for packaging products, to mirror our Web experience. One “package” purchased can equal an underlying quantity of products, such as x units in a case.
  • If the product quantity isn’t matching with the allowed ordering increment, it will now show a warning so it can be updated.
  • Search performance has been improved to find existing orders and quotes, including the ability to now search by email and billing company name. Pagination has also been added to certain screens when showing results.
  • Your default Customer Group will be selected when creating a new customer in the app, with the option to select a different one as needed.
  • Cart comments are now available for both orders and Sales Quotes.

We’re continually improving our app to make it better for our sellers’ daily use. You can try out the app for yourself, with no commitment, even if you’re not a Zoey customer today. Simply visit the app store to download the app. You can click “Try it Now” to see it in action with a demo store.

To speak to our Customer Success team to learn how you can use Zoey and the app with your business, click the button below to request a personalized demo:

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