Additional iOS App Improvements for Fall 2020

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Zoey mobile app for iOS cart screenOur iOS app continues to evolve as we receive feedback from our customers about areas that they could benefit from seeing improvements. As the app matures, we also begin to turn our attention to the Android version, which will likely see a release early in 2021.

Here are some of the latest updates to the iOS version of the Zoey B2B Order Portal app, which can be downloaded for free and used with select Zoey plans:

Draft Carts

In scenarios where you need to put an order aside and come back to it later, you can now save draft carts for both orders and quotes as a time saving feature. The app will retain the progress you’ve made to date so that you can pick it back up when the time is right.

Quantity Settings Carried Over

The app will now respect the quantity increments set up in the Zoey admin, so that you can’t order an incorrect number of an item based on the rules for a customer or customer group.

Enhanced Searching and Sorting

Additional fields have been added to the search functionality to make it easier to find the product(s) you are looking for, and similarly the sorting capability has been enhanced to make it easier to organize products in a fashion that’s most helpful for you. You can also save a sorting preference so it’ll retain that format with each use of the app.

And So Much More!

We’re continually improving our app to make it better for our sellers’ daily use. You can try out the app for yourself, with no commitment, even if you’re not a Zoey customer today. Simply visit the app store to download the app. You can click “Try it Now” to see it in action with a demo store.

To speak to our Customer Success team to learn how you can use Zoey and the app with your business, click the button below to request a personalized demo:

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