Zoey Updates for November 2021

Zoey recent updates

A SaaS platform never sits still, and Zoey is no exception. Each month, the Zoey team releases updates that add new features, improves existing ones and resolves issues or rough edges. These updates are part of your monthly subscription, which ensures you can take advantage of those improvements.

During the fourth quarter, the focus tends to be on polish over major new features given many stores are handling their peak sales volumes of the year, but that doesn’t mean work stops. As you can see below, a lot of effort has gone into performance optimizations and expanding on existing features throughout the month.

Here are key enhancements to the Zoey solutions (including Zoey Web, Zoey Admin and Zoey App) for November 2021:

Mobile App Updates


  • Delete Order Changes: The ability to “delete” submitted orders was removed. This only removed it from the local mobile app view, and did not actually delete a submitted order. This was updated for clarity. Carts can still be deleted in the following statues: Draft, Pending or Error.
  • Error Message Update: If a search yields no results, a clearer message now displays to confirm that nothing was found.


  • Bulk Add to Cart for Configurable Products: Bulk add to cart for variations has been implemented on the app, so all quantities of variations selected can be added at once. You can also swipe away a variation you no longer need while on the screen, removing it from the cart.
  • First Launch Changes: The progress bar when first launching didn’t always render accurately to confirm the sync was in progress; this has been corrected. When a product sync is in progress the app is also more explicit about its progress and not to leave the screen until the sync is complete.
  • Customer Account Creation Handling: In rare cases creating a customer account could error out if connectivity drops before the process completes. Error messaging for this scenario has been improved to make it clearer what happened and what steps to take.
  • Large Cart Performance Improvements: With larger carts, a variety of performance improvements have been made managing the cart, copying items to a cart, reviewing a product gallery and submitting the order.
  • Data Sync Improvements: Improvements were made in how long it took for data sync of accounts with larger customer, account and/or product data, which will make initial app setup faster for some of our customers.

Zoey Web Front-End Updates

  • Setting for Preloading Infinite Scroll: In the Visual Design Editor, you now have an option to allow preloading additional products as part of an infinite scroll display, which can improve visitor site performance.
  • Quick Order Updates: If a product already on the list is added again, the two rows are combined with a combined quantity. Other updates were also made to further smooth out the Quick Order product adding process.
  • Display Minimum Quantity Rules: The Product Essentials block of the Product Detail page in the Visual Design Editor can now display minimum quantity requirements.
  • Product Rendering Optimizations: A variety of performance optimizations were made around rendering products to make Zoey sites perform faster.
  • Cart/Quote Rendering Optimizations: Mini cart and large cart rendering has been optimized and improved for better front-end performance.
  • Template Optimizations: Other Zoey Web templates have been updated to improve the overall performance of the Zoey Web for your buyers.
  • Bots Can’t Create Carts/Quotes: If Zoey detects a bot (such as a search engine crawler) attempting to create a cart or quote, it will no longer be allowed.

Data Import Updates

  • Product CSV Import Data Mapper Updates: A template has been added to ease setting up a data mapper import and schedule for products. You can set a remote server location, set up images to be downloaded, and map column headers to Zoey data attributes.
  • Product Mapper Enhancement for Tier Pricing: The product mapper will now collapse pricing tables to leverage the most common group price as the base price. It will no longer add tier prices where the quantity is less than or equal yo the minimum quantity requirements. Both changes will reduce the amount of data required to manage tier pricing requirements and improve overall performance.
  • Account Import/Export Improvements: Major updates were made to importing/exporting accounts. Improvements made will make overall building of new accounts and loading related information like locations and addresses much simpler going forward. 

Zoey Admin Permissions Updates

  • Address Book Permissions Updates: The account owner can now add billing/shipping addresses during checkout/quote submit as part of the address book management permissions.
  • Cart/Quote Deletion Permissions: You can now set permissions to allow/disallow someone to delete a cart or quote.
  • Pending Order Deletion: You can now delete a pending order in the admin. An audit log has been established for tracking when this occurs and by whom.

Other Zoey Admin Updates

  • Flat Rate Shipping enhancements: You can set minimum and maximum order sizes to be eligible for flat rate shipping. You can also set a geographic region that the option is available.
  • Log Records Archivable: You can now archive specific logs when no longer required.
  • Email Template Improvements: Account and account location variables are now available for use in email templates.
  • Percentage Based Subtotal Calculations: You can now add a percentage of the subtotal, not just a dollar amount total, to the table rates for certain calculations.
  • New Audit Logging: Customer/Product/Order attributes changes will now be logged to confirm when/who took various actions to make changes. Audit logs were also added to track changes made to Categories.
  • Copy Bill URL for Invoicing: You now are given a button that makes it easy to copy the billing URL for an invoice for emailing to a customer.

Integration Updates

  • NetSuite Integration Address Updates: The integration has been updated to allow decisions on which address fields get synced to NetSuite.
  • NetSuite Integration Customer Updates: Further enhancements have been made to the customer sync portion to pick up on other Zoey information added and updated to bring them back to NetSuite.
  • NetSuite Credit Memo Updates: We’ve adjusted credit memo handling to support cases where a store credit is generated, but is not attached to a specific item. A credit memo with a store credit can be generated with a placeholder item, to support NetSuite’s requirement that all credits be attached to an item. (Note that store credits need to be reconciled manually in NetSuite when used at this time.) Credit Memo field mapping has been added as well, allowing mapping to fields on the NetSuite Credit Memo.
  • NetSuite Custom Shipping Mappings: A custom shipping method can be used in Zoey, which can allow for text that maps back to a NetSuite shipping method.
  • NetSuite Order ID in Zoey: The Order Grid in the Zoey Admin can now display the NetSuite Order ID, for easier location when searching.
  • QuickBooks Online Integration Improvement: You can now assign a class to each invoice for mapping to the appropriate value in QuickBooks Online.
  • QuickBooks Field Mapping For Order Fields: A ClassRef has been added for tax, gift cards, discounts, shipping and surcharges to allow proper linking to QuickBooks Online.

New Additions Come Often

Zoey’s constantly evolving, and that means our customers get to take advantage of the latest and greatest all the time.

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