WEBINAR RECORDING: 4 Shipping Myths for the Modern Ecommerce Business

71lbs + Zoey Webinar

Shipping is something nearly every Ecommerce business has to leverage to complete the package when offering the ability to purchase online. However, while most businesses need it, few know how to optimize their spend to make sure they’re getting the absolute best deal they can afford. Most merchants don’t have a place to compare notes with others to see if they’re getting a good deal or not, and sales reps at the carriers aren’t about to give you the inside track.

Jose Li, founder and CEO of 71lbs, shares a number of shipping myths and things to think about to ensure you’re not overpaying for your shipments, and how 71lbs can help you secure refunds and other savings when things don’t go the right way. This half-hour webinar is packed with helpful information:

Learn more about the 71lbs service, which is free to setup and only incurs costs when they save you money.

Our webinar with 71lbs is the latest in a series of over 20 Merchant Webinars we’ve produced to help merchants save money, sell more or become more efficient. Check out the entire line-up, as well as upcoming sessions, here:

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