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Video Demo

Ever since Zoey’s launch, the Visual Design Editor has been a core component of what makes us different from our competition. The depth of control that our customers are offered without needing to know how to code, using simple drag and drop tools combined with a robust array of pre-built blocks and starter themes means that any business can launch a beautiful website.

Manage Ecommerce Website Design

The Visual Design Editor makes it easy for businesses to manage their design, marketing assets, product layouts, content pages (including blogs or static pages), and much more. Global settings allows for easy updates of colors, fonts and more without having to change every element one by one.

Of course, something as powerful as the Visual Design Editor means a bit of getting to know you time to learn how to make the most of it, so as such that’s the focus of today’s video.

In our latest video demo, we cover some of the core features of the Visual Design Editor and how sites can use it to great advantage:

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The video demo series is part of a growing library of videos on our YouTube channel, which includes an archive of our Merchant Webinars, feature walkthroughs and partner tutorials.

Zoey also offers customized walkthroughs of the platform if you’re looking to review certain features are available, or confirm Zoey can handle the requirements of your business. Request your personalized demo today:

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