B2B Ecommerce Platform: 5 Reasons to Make the Jump Today

migrating to an online order portal or Ecommerce

If you’re a brand, distributor or wholesaler and have been holding back on looking into B2B Ecommerce Platform options, it may be time to reconsider that decision.

The pandemic accelerated migration to online purchasing for many individuals and businesses, but it was a trend that was already well underway prior to that. As expectations grow, those who don’t adopt a solution may be left behind.

Fortunately, things have evolved quickly in the space. The number and variety of options have grown. Here are five reasons that it’s time to make the jump.

1. B2B Ecommerce Platform Options Are More Mature

It wasn’t that long ago that you had to think about custom-built solutions, or more limited feature sets, to adopt an online stance for B2B Ecommerce. That has quickly changed, with more robust capabilities now available off the shelf.

You can expect such capabilities as multi-buyer accounts, sales rep apps, and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) such as Net Terms to be standard fare on the most comprehensive platforms.

2. Your Buyers Expect It

With Ecommerce slowly becoming standard practice over the last 25 years, your buyers are shopping online with more frequency. B2B buyers at work are also B2C buyers at home. The inevitable march upward of Ecommerce sales was accelerated during the pandemic, but has been happening for years.

Buyers want choice, and increasingly buyers are comfortable with self-service Ecommerce. So a B2B Ecommerce Platform can help you achieve offering this by offering either a website or order portal that allows buyers to order themselves.

3. Your Sales Team Works Everywhere

Your sales team should be able to work with your buyers regardless of location. A mobile app gets the job done quickly and efficiently, and can even work offline.

Allowing your sales team to work more efficiently means more time to find and assist new buyers within your existing resources. Who doesn’t want to grows sales within their existing team size?

4. You Want to Save Money

Compared to less efficient forms of selling, a B2B Ecommerce Platform can drive impressive return on investment. The combination of centralizing order placement on one system, and the efficiency at which it provides this, means meaningful cost savings.

You can reduce or eliminate data duplication, order entry mistakes, and orders through inefficient channels like phone, fax, snail mail and email.

5. It’s Not as Complicated As You Think

Modern B2B Ecommerce platforms can sit alone or link to other critical systems. They can be launched privately without much branding, or be your fully functional website. 

Regardless of the approach you take, getting a site set up, integrated to other systems and live doesn’t require the time or budget it used to.

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