Leveraging a B2B Sales Portal for Driving Online Sales

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B2B and wholesale businesses have varying needs for an Ecommerce solution. Some need a fully featured website site, which serves both as a marketing brochure through their catalog and an order taking system for their customers. However, other B2B businesses simply need a way to capture their customers’ orders, with a straight-ahead B2B portal.

Zoey can serve both purposes, and today we’re going to explore how Zoey can be leveraged as a portal for merchants to offer a streamlined ordering experience for their customers.

Complete wholesale registration process


As with any system, step one is getting your customers registered. Our registration forms have the ability to be customized to capture additional fields (called Customer Attributes) which include the ability to require documents be uploaded (such as tax verification) as part of the registration process. Customers can be queued for approval by the merchant.

Zoey’s Access Restrictions can protect your site from non-registered users until they’re approved, or provide limited access to information, based on your preference. For B2B portals, traditionally the Ecommerce capabilities are locked out until a customer is approved, but our tools are flexible based on your use case.

Advanced Quick Order for order collection


Many B2B portals are set up for the easy capture of SKU and quantity information as many customers already know what it is they need to order. Zoey’s Advanced Quick Order offers the ability to allow for SKU and quantity pairings to be entered easily an in a variety of ways – through a form, or by copy/pasting information from a CSV.

As a merchant you can put an Advanced Quick Order form front and center, pre-populate the form with common SKUs and quantities for your customers if you have a standard order, and have multiple versions of the form if needed to support different use cases (each with their own default settings).

Table Category view for quickly perusing and selecting products


In other cases the customer may not always know exactly what they want, but perusing a B2C-style catalog isn’t helpful. This is why Zoey recently introduced the table category view, allowing for a scannable list of products, each with a quantity box. This can similarly help build a cart quickly by allowing multiple items to be placed in the cart at the same time.

You can build various categories to make it easier for your customers to have the products they need front and center. These categories can be hidden from your store’s navigation, and can be linked to from marketing and other efforts to drive customers to the relevant products for them.

Quotes for individual order pricing


Zoey’s Sales Quote feature offers a way for potential or existing customers to request the pricing for a given order. You can use information at your disposal such as the order size and the customer’s order history (when available) to determine what pricing you’ll offer for this specific order. This can be extremely helpful as a customer acquisition tool but also encourage existing customer to test the waters on other order types or sizes with you.

Alternatively, it allows you to build for your customers orders for approval based on email or phone conversations, or just recommendations to make another purchase for marketing or sales reasons. The customer can modify the order and collaborate with you before finalizing the order. This can help streamline the use of the portal by multiple parties in your company to centralize orders in one place and acclimate customers to using the portal.

Reduced Ecommerce friction

All of the tools above, combined with a streamlined checkout, can facilitate sales for your customers and help boost Ecommerce conversions and sales volume for you as a merchant. While Zoey can do more than the above, sometimes having a site that’s straight and to the point is exactly what is needed for managing your sales.

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