Leverage Comprehensive B2B Analytics with Zoey and Glew

Monitor the health of your business, and optimize your efforts for sales success, with our in-depth analytics provided by Glew.

Comprehensive Analytics to Run Your Business

All-In Data Collection

See orders, lead attribution, shipping costs, marketing and store performance in one place.

Ecommerce integrations

Link to Google Analytics, ShipStation, MailChimp and more for robust data from all your sources.

Make Informed Decisions

See what’s happening with your customer base and know what you need to do to drive more sales.

Stay on top of marketing trends

Glew’s marketing analytics can help you see which channels, campaigns, discount codes and calls to action are driving the most sales. Combine your eCommerce data with performance data from Google Analytics, Facebook and more to understand where your sales are coming from and where you should be spending your marketing dollars.

See Which Products Sell the Best

Take a deep dive into which products are most popular, most profitable, most purchased together, and most abandoned or returned with product segments. Our powerful product analytics will show you what your costs are for each product, how much you’re making and where you can optimize.

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Understand your customers

Glew helps you break down your customers into useful segments, so you can understand who’s buying often, who’s a big spender, who’s looking for discounts, who has the highest average order value, who’s likely to abandon cart or return and more. View your segments and push them to MailChimp for targeted marketing efforts.

Analyze Shipping Costs

See how much you’re spending on shipping by order or by carrier with data imported from shipping processing solutions like ShipStation. Determine where you’re spending the most and make sure your shipping pricing isn’t costing you money.

Build a Profitable Business

Glew is designed to help you build and grow a profitable business. Our analytics and reporting will help you determine which of your channels are driving the most sales, which of your customers are the most valuable, which of your products are the most profitable and more, so you’re equipped to develop a winning strategy.

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