Q&A With Zoey: Is Your Ecommerce Business Maximizing Its Potential?

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B2B Ecommerce is one of the most active sectors of the economy. Sales are projected to grow at a compound rate of 18.7% through 2028. Competition is fierce and in order to succeed, merchants need to seize every advantage they can. This means working to continuously improve their go to market strategy, while also choosing the right tools to execute that strategy.

In a recent Huffington Post interview, Zoey President, Uri Foox, discussed how merchants mximize their potential by pairing smart technology choices with a winning business strategy. 

Here are some of the highlights:

Can you point to any data on the successes Zoey merchants’ experience?

“One of the common pieces of feedback that we hear from our merchants is that they’ve finally been able to accomplish things that they could only dream about before. We have merchants whose sales have gone up in double-digit percentages, site speeds that have tremendously improved and technologies like search and analytics that are far beyond what they previously had access to. Most importantly, many of our merchants who come from self-hosted platforms have saved thousands of dollars a month in development, maintenance, and hosting,” said Foox.

How does Zoey best benefit Ecommerce merchants?

“Before Zoey, merchants had to choose between solutions targeted towards first time/simpler stores and accept whatever limitations came with that, or dive into custom development and spend an enormous amount of time and money to get what they wanted.

Zoey combines the ease of use and beauty of a SaaS platform with the sophistication and power of an enterprise level Ecommerce platform. We have built an incredible Ecommerce platform that lets merchants leverage functionality that does not exist elsewhere (such as our visual design editor and wholesale/B2B toolkit) and offers more flexibility and customization without the need for custom coding all through a powerful and friendly to use interface,” said Foox.

Many entrepreneurs don’t think they have enough budget, technical skills or time to build their own websites. What do you say to them?

“I think that entrepreneurs should ask themselves if the value of their company is derived from the technology that they are building or from the products they are selling. For everyone who falls into the second bucket then regardless of whether you have the budget, technical skills or time to build it, the return on investment may not be worth it.

The ubiquity of SaaS has made it so that the need for custom development and maintaining everything in-house is now much less attractive. I often like to say that Ecommerce is like an “iceberg issue.” Initially, you only see a few basic needs, but once you’ve started building and using your own Ecommerce platform system, you realize all the complexities involved. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself, “What value is this creating?”,”said Foox.

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