Evaluating B2B Commerce Solutions: Advanced Requirements

Zoey B2B Commerce New Solution Checklist

Most B2B Commerce solutions have basic, table stakes features that are necessary to transact online today. But how far they go beyond that can make the difference if your business relies on certain business logic rules or requirements.

As such, it helps to look at the sorts of advanced functionality that is supported by a solution, to ensure even if you don’t need it today, you’ll have a solution you can grow into.

Here are some examples of more advanced features which can be important:

  • Abandoned Cart Capabilities: Remind customers to return and complete a purchase if a cart is left behind.
  • Accounts: Have the ability to link multiple user logins under one account, with shared order histories and the ability to see what everyone across the account is doing.
  • Order Approval Workflow: Allow multiple people within a company access to a site, with one having approval rights to all orders placed by anyone within the org, or when certain criteria (such as order size) triggers a review.
  • Staff Account Restrictions: Be able to assign roles for your internal staff accounts for the store back-end, restricting access to only certain functionality, or only see certain customer data
  • Sales Quote: Salespeople can send a quote to a buyer for review and instant conversion into an order. Customers can submit a draft order for pricing confirmation before placing an order.
  • Split Orders: Divide an order up based on needing to send portions of an order to different distributors for fulfillment.
  • Promotions Engine: Some businesses need robust promotional pricing control to manage overstock, clearance and other pricing scenarios designed to move product more quickly.

This category is one of many that can matter to B2B Commerce businesses in 2021, and that’s why Zoey has built a B2B Commerce New Solution Checklist, which has a wide array of features that you can expect to find within B2B Commerce solutions, and how they can benefit your business.

To see the entire list of features, organized helpfully by category to help you plan for your next site, download our checklist:

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