Two B2B Ecommerce End Users: Your Customers and Your Employees

B2B Ecommerce has a somewhat unique challenge relative to other platforms, in that it needs to serve two completely different sets of users at the exact same time.

The most obvious is your buyers – the ones that will place self-service orders online. But equally important, but perhaps not as obvious, is your internal team. A great piece at Practical Commerce covers some of the commonalities, and specific functionality, this yields.

For instance, your sales and customer service reps may need the ability to log in as your customer to see what they’re seeing. You may need to manage or update quotes for a draft order, or internal notes on a customer or order. Or you might need to adjust pricing for a particular order.

If your internal team members are using the same platform as your external buyers, it can speed up efficiency by ensuring everyone’s on the same page. Answers and order  completion momentum can be achieved in real time.

Meanwhile, there’s common functionality both parties would like to see:

  • Customer-specific catalog and pricing
  • Previous orders and commonly bought items
  • Product search
  • Return capabilities
  • Request and/or respond special pricing or a quote
  • Convert said quotes to orders
  • Establish spending limits, net terms and credit limits

The strongest B2B Ecommerce platforms have these features and more in mind. Zoey has been working in the B2B Ecommerce space for many years, and has a variety of capabilities established to manage all of these needs and more.

Hundreds of businesses rely on Zoey for managing the needs of both their external buyers and their internal team members. We can show you exactly how we can equip your team, and your customers, with the tools they need to ensure your business can grow efficiently.

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