Zoey Highlights B2B Ecommerce Trends and Opportunities in Sourceforge Q&A

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B2B Ecommerce adoption has grown more quickly since the COVID-19 pandemic forced many to work remotely and stay home. The technology has also been rapidly evolving to offer more to businesses who need to leverage it.

B2B Ecommerce Trends

Zoey VP of Marketing Joshua O’Connell talked about these trends in B2B Ecommerce, and the solutions that support them, in a recent Q&A for Sourceforge.

These trends include:

  • More core features are available off the shelf. 
  • Self-service Ecommerce is becoming critical. 
  • Salespeople require better tools as well.
  • Options for mobile devices are improving quickly.
  • More directly-built integrations.
  • SaaS data is more accessible than ever.

Questions To Ask a Potential B2B Ecommerce Platform

He also looks at what questions a business should ask a potential solution like Zoey. These include:

  • What are your core business requirements?
  • Is B2B Ecommerce a primary function of this platform?
  • What’s the best type of platform for you?

B2B Ecommerce Features

And finally, he reviews the core B2B Ecommerce features that makes Zoey a powerful choice, including:

Check out the Q&A piece on Sourceforge for more details on these topics.

See How Zoey Can Help

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