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Many B2B and wholesale businesses are evaluating new website options right now, as the tools for building such sites have evolved quite quickly in recent years. What was on the market even a couple of years ago pales with the capabilities available now, and B2B businesses historically have been slower to adapt to new technology options.

We know the research and decision-making process is a time-consuming and deliberate one, so to help merchants navigating this, we’ve created an eBook that helpfully raises a lot of topics that should be considered for a new B2B Ecommerce website. We’ve grouped them into a number of important categories:

  • B2B Functionality Basics: Core capabilities for many B2B Ecommerce websites in 2019.
  • Customer Self-Service Options: Features that help customers manage their own ordering and account on the website.
  • Salesperson Support: Tools that help a sales force become more efficient and successfully close more business leveraging Ecommerce.
  • Product Management: Ways to improve product data input and reduce errors in order placement through accurate website data.
  • Customer Segmentation: How to organize your customers and present information that is unique to each customer group.
  • Advanced Capabilities: Some B2B Ecommerce sites need to take a further step in complexity to properly service their customers, such as through offering Net Terms or Quote requests.
  • Integrations/Data Sharing: For many business, Ecommerce sites need to talk to other systems. You can account for a variety of systems and reduce data entry duplication through proper integrations.

If you’re still working through the process of determining what you need to support, grab your free copy by clicking the button below and get started:

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