3 Apps for Improving Your B2B Ecommerce Customer Experience

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Zoey provides a user-friendly tool to create professional-looking websites. But for any business, providing a positive customer experience is just as key as having an easy-to-navigate website. To achieve this, you need access to the right tools so that you can respond to customers quickly.

Zoey has recently made some updates to their product, such as a Reviews refresh to make capturing customer reviews easier, admin support to manage and update orders, and “Tokenization” for Amazon Pay so that payment options are saved at checkout for a more seamless process.

In addition to these new features, incorporating Zoey’s partner apps can help you deliver a better overall customer experience.

1. JotForm for Customer Data Collection Forms


JotForm is a powerful tool to easily collect data for your Zoey site. Users can create custom forms or choose from one of JotForm’s 10,000 templates. Recently, JotForm released a new mobile app, JotForm Mobile Forms, that makes data collection even simpler and more convenient. New features, such as creating and editing forms on the go, offline data collection, kiosk mode, and easy form sharing through email, text, and other apps create a smooth and uninterrupted data-collection process no matter the industry.

With JotForm Mobile Forms, users can get submissions directly on their phone and quickly respond to customers.

2. LiveChat for Instant Buyer Communication

LiveChat is a direct messaging platform you can add to your Zoey site to create a personalized customer experience. Respond to customers in real time and without delay to ensure all their questions are answered. Resolve issues on the spot and have more satisfied customers. LiveChat is also available on a mobile app so that you can respond to customers from anywhere.

3. RivetWorks for Customer Reviews

RivetWorks for Zoey makes collecting customer feedback and reviews a breeze. They encourage customer feedback through prompts that ask customers to share their experience via any type of content, including videos, photos, stories, blog articles, and reviews. Approved content is then automatically posted to your Zoey-powered website to drive engagement. Get better insight into what your customers want by hearing directly from them.

Zoey Is Stronger with Ecommerce Customer Experience Apps

Use these apps and more from Zoey’s app marketplace to create a better customer experience. And if you’re not a Zoey customer yet, click the button below to talk with our team about how it can enhance your B2B commerce business:

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