Greene’s Reserve Builds Distribution Business With Zoey at Its Core

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Starting a new business requires a lot of decisions. Starting one with rapid growth prospects means moving that much faster,

When Greene’s Reserve, a new company with a product line of hemp snuff options, began to see an acceleration in their purchasing due to order growth, it was important to ensure that systems would be in place to support that growth.

“We went from ordering 10 boxes of cans to buying 25 boxes of cans; the next week I bought a tractor trailer load of cans, 600,000 cans,” said Jeff Greene, CEO of Greene’s Reserve. “We went from a batch of flavor to a pallet of flavor to a half a truck of flavor. We went from ordering hemp in 37 pound bags to super sacks.”

Greene’s Reserve: Zoey’s B2B Solution

As part of setting up for that growth, the company needed to ensure it had the technology to take in orders. Zoey offered a true B2B solution, with the ability to support salespeople and self-service ordering, and that was exactly what they were looking for.

Greene said, “I think if you’re trying to close that gap between your guys out on the street and your manufacturing and your logistics team, Zoey’s a no brainer. When I put down ‘these are the things I want in software’, Zoey checked every box. That doesn’t happen very often.”

Benefits of the Zoey Platform for Greene Reserve

Once the decision was made to select Zoey, the proof came out immediately in terms of the implementation team being able to support the business in getting things exactly as they needed them, including:

  • Integrations to other systems such as Shipstation and ZOHO
  • Onboarding new distribution points in minutes
  • Self-ordering capabilities for their retail partners
  • Scaling with larger distribution partners using Zoey as an ordering system

“The implementation team has been a godsend on getting through the nuances of
the system,” he said. “To be honest, without them it would be a completely different

Their plan included implementing a number of new systems together at the start, and Zoey was able to accomplish this with its existing integrations and APIs.

ZOHO is our CRM, we have Zoey for orders, and we have Shipstation for fulfillment.,” Greene said. “We’ve got UPS plugged in to all of this; we use UPS Surepost for USPS. We’re going to be introducing Finale Inventory as soon as our building is built so we can get inventory totally set together.”

Best of all, when they’re onboarding a new retailer, it can be done quickly, and the first order can be placed right away.

“While we were on the phone, one of our sales people out in the field approved a customer and placed an order,” he said. “All of that happened in four minutes. That’s real time numbers there.”

With their retailers able to self-order, it reduces the pressure on the sales team and allows them to focus on bringing on more sellers.

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