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Greene’s Reserve is using a more traditional model (tobacco sales) to sell in a new product category, hemp snuff. With no nicotine or tobacco in the product, and by steering clear of carcinogens, they look to offer a healthier alternative to what’s been on the market in the past.


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“I think if you’re trying to close that gap between your guys out on the street and your manufacturing and your logistics team, Zoey’s a no brainer. When I put down ‘these are the things I want in software’, Zoey checked every box. That doesn’t happen very often.”

Jeff Greene, CEO, Greene’s Reserve

Greene’s Reserve onboards new buyers, with first order placed, in minutes







The Challenge:

Greene’s Reserve is a new business, growing rapidly, and needed digital wholesaling tools to make managing their growing buyer base easy and efficient. After evaluating solutions like Shopify Plus, they quickly decided that Zoey would be their best solution for managing the ramping up sales they were generating.

What They Like About Zoey:

  1. They can have a new customer set up, and have them place their first order, in just a few minutes.
  2. Customers are able to order and reorder themselves, freeing their sales team to work on acquiring new distribution locations.
  3. With this model they can acquire the necessary permits in real time as well, reducing a hurdle to getting started with a new client.
  4. Zoey is specifically focused on B2B, making selling in volume easier than other platforms designed for direct to consumer sales.
  5. They successfully linked to other software they use without costly integrations.

Opting In With Zoey for Success

Greene had previous experience working with another company focused in the industry, and seeing how they managed to scale up delivered clear lessons. So, he developed a list of things he knew he would need, particularly around how distributors and stores would order, and how their salespeople would need to work, and began to look around. He quickly settled on Zoey.

“When I put down these are the things I want in software, Zoey checked every box. That doesn’t happen very often,” he said.

Greene credited Zoey’s sales and implementation process of being a key part of making the launch on Zoey successful, and an important part of what made Zoey a great choice.

“The implementation team has been a godsend on getting through the nuances of the system,” he said. “To be honest, without them it would be a completely different experience.”

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To learn more about how Greene’s Reserve has used Zoey to organize their ability to close sales with their store partners and distributors, growing their distribution in the process, download the full case study:

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