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With the European GDPR law now in effect, merchants are now required to take steps to provide access and the ability to delete/anoymize customer data upon request, among other rules. To facilitate this need, Zoey has launched the GDPR management app, free to all merchants, and available immediately.

The app provides a number of data-related capabilities to offer merchants the ability to respond to requests around the GDPR law. These include:

  • Deleting Account – Right to be Forgotten
    • Customers will have a self-serve option in My Account to delete themselves, including accounts and newsletter subscriptions, and anonymize other data like orders
    • Staff Accounts will have the ability to delete customers from the admin
    • Email search capabilities will allow for a search of a specific email for deletion and/or anonymization
  • Data Export – Right to Access and Right to Portability
    • Ability to export data from a certain customer
    • Ability to email search and export data based email
    • Data export includes customer record as well as customer activity on the site (orders, invoices, quotes, etc.)
  • Data Retention Period
    • Merchants can set a data retention window
    • Automatic scripts will follow those windows and anonymize data that exceeds the window
  • Subscription Time Stamp
    • Per GDPR rules, the date and time of subscription will be recorded for newsletter subscriptions

To learn more about the app or install it on your store, click the button below to visit the GDPR Management app page:

GDPR Management App Page

It is important to note that Zoey cannot verify your compliance with GDPR and provides this app solely as a tool to assist you when dealing with GDPR compliance. We encourage our merchants to take the appropriate steps if they are working with or selling to European customers to ensure compliance with the new GDPR laws.

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