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Why Should You Join Zoey's
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Zoey is a feature-rich leading eCommerce platform SaaS built from the #1 open source platform, Magento. Zoey gives your agency access to enterprise level commerce at an affordable price. By partnering with Zoey, you’ll be able to put more focus on providing additional services to your clients such as design, marketing and SEO.

Here’s why other agencies love working with Zoey

Generate new business

Leads are essential for every agency – that’s why we offer warm hand offs from our sales team. Zoey customers can also contact you directly on your dedicated partnership page.

The more sites you build on Zoey, the more opportunities you’ll have for additional marketing such as being featured in newsletters, case studies, etc.

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influence the platform

Feedback from partners is incredibly valuable to us. We use it to help our development team decide what features to build and apps to integrate with next. Partners also enjoy the benefit of speaking with our technical team to learn about features we are building or planning to build before they are released to users.

Get Help Selling Zoey

Get help closing leads for Zoey! We can review your client’s RFP, set up an appointment with a Zoey sales consultant, and more!

earn commissions

As a partner, you’ll earn 20% of every plan that your clients sign up for, or leads you refer to Zoey.

How We Help You Succeed As A Zoey Partner

Agency Network

As a partner, you’ll be listed in our network of agencies, connecting you to more Zoey customers.

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Partner Manager

Your Partner Manager will be your main point of contact into Zoey and will advocate for your needs.

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referral link

You’ll receive a referral link that can be used in marketing campaigns, blog posts, forums, and more.

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