Prepare Yourself and Your Customers for Holiday Shipping Deadlines

ShipStation shipping deadlines

If your B2B commerce business has a direct to consumer component, you face shipping deadlines routinely, but holiday shipping deadlines are among the most challenging to navigate.

Each year 40 percent of online holiday shopping is completed in the last 10 days before the deadline for guaranteed holiday delivery, and with a heavy shift to online sales taking place this year over the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s expected that sales volumes will be drastically higher than before.

Each year Zoey partner ShipStation prepares a holiday shipping deadline schedule to help businesses know how to message to their direct consumer shoppers when orders need to be placed by, and to figure out internally when they need to have orders in by so they can successfully order and ship to meet the various shippers’ deadlines for guaranteed delivery in time.

You can use these deadlines, which cover various delivery options from the main carriers, to determine the best approach for your business. And if you need help processing shipments in bulk, including label generation, ShipStation can help you streamline your fulfillment process.

ShipStation offers Zoey merchants a free 30-day trial to get started – click here to begin the process:

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