Recent Zoey Updates for Winter 2021

Zoey recent updates

The Zoey team is constantly developing new features and upgrading existing ones. And while some are larger releases, like our recent launch of the Google Sheet Importer app and our Store Credit feature, and our new Zoey-built NetSuite integration (more on that soon), we update Zoey more than 150 times every year, with everything from major releases down to small fixes.

With that in mind, here are some of the other updates we’ve made to Zoey in recent months, just a sampling of what we’ve released recently. You can always stay up to date with the latest updates in our support section.

  • Net Terms Feature for Past Due Customers:  You can now disable the option to pay with Net Terms when a customer has gone past due on another Net Terms invoice. You control how many days past due before the payment option would be disabled.
  • PayPal Support Added to Billing System: Along with Stripe and, you can now use PayPal as a supported payment option for invoices you send to customers through Zoey’s new Billing system.
  • PayPal Support Added to Sales Quote Conversion: You can also offer PayPal as a method of payment for converting quotes. This includes PayPal Payments Pro and PayPal Express (including PayPal Credit).
  • Order List Bulk Updates: You can now bulk ship, bulk print orders, bulk send bill and bulk mark as paid as among the actions that can be performed from the orders list.
  • Pick List Additions: You can now show information such as quantity remaining, row weight, total weight, price totals and grand totals. You can also customize to add checkboxes to the printout.
  • Support for Google Analytics GTAG.js Version: Google Analytics has recently updated its primary tag and Zoey is compatible with this new version.
  • Backorder Enhancements: Messaging has been improved on our PDF and email notifications, and adjustments made to improve the ability for Zoey to notify customers when an item is on backorder.
  • More Ways to Sort Products in the Admin: We’ve added date created and SKU search capabilities, further improving how you can sort products when working in the Zoey Admin.
  • Max Quantity Update: For configurable products, you can now set a max quantity for the variations allowed in the cart.
  • Other Quote Enhancements: Customers can edit their billing address on the Quote View screen, and set a shipping method on the Quote Submit screen. We’ve improved error messaging when a quote cannot be converted to an order. Quote emails will now show product attributes, like similar settings in order emails. You can now show a sales rep’s name on the PDF.  
  • Promotions Enhancement: You can now use Customer Attributes as an option for selecting who is eligible for promotional pricing.
There’s Always More on the Way

Zoey regularly releases new feature updates, additions and fixes to keep all Zoey stores running at their peak. As a SaaS-driven solution, all customers benefit from changes upon release as their stores are updated automatically.

For a more complete list of updates made to Zoey, as well as newer updates than those shown here, click the button below to visit our release notes page in the support documentation:

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