SoftwareReviews Survey: We’re Invested in Your Success, Not Hard Sales Tactics

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B2B software is a competitive space, and many businesses aggressively court and sell to brands, wholesalers and distributors. But what happens when that aggressiveness gets in the way of understanding the proper fit of solutions you’re evaluating? Purchases that should be well informed become rushed and lead to buyer’s remorse after the fact.

Zoey Friendly Negotiation and Contract Experience

The Zoey Approach

Here at Zoey we take a different approach, – we prefer a friendlier, customer-centric approach that looks at a potential business’s pain points and requirements, and we not only provide a customized walkthrough of our software, but incorporate onboarding conversations before a contract has even been signed.

And based on the data collected by SoftwareReviews, surveying our own customers, they concur: 93% said the Negotiation and Contract Experience with Zoey was that of a Friendly Negotiation, with no negative scores from those surveyed.

SoftwareReviews compiles data from users of various platforms, to provide an independent comparison of the various platforms across a wide variety of data points. Awards are issued annually based on the top software solutions in each category.

We don’t believe in the hard sell, and we believe it’s critically important that the B2B solution you select for your business will yield great results. We’ve always been comfortable telling potential customers when we don’t think we’re the right fit, but at the same time we’ll also help those who are a great fit understand why through that onboarding process, where we show you just how Zoey can be set up to help your business as part of our sales conversation.

Support Post-Purchase

Even more importantly, that onboarding support continues after purchase, so you’re not doing this alone – we’re here to help you set up your catalog and customers, configure Zoey to match your business requirements, and set up the layout of your store to ensure it fits the public presentation you aim for your company.

SoftwareReviews Reports evaluate and rank products based on feedback from technology and business leaders and end users. Evaluations and rankings are proudly founded in 100% user review data and are free of traditional non-data-driven components such as analyst opinion.

In the recently announced SoftwareReviews 2021 Ecommerce Platform Data Quadrant, Zoey was named a Leader in the space. All of the results came from confirmed customers of the various platforms that were included in the survey.

Learn More About SoftwareReviews’ Award of Zoey

To learn more about SoftwareReviews and Zoey’s recent award as part of the report, check out our recent press release. You can visit SoftwareReviews to download a copy of the report.

See what we mean by contacting us to initiate a conversation with one of our Success Team members:

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