Zoey Commerce 2021 Demo: Self-Service Front-End

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As B2B Commerce evolves for wholesalers, brands and distributors, self-service B2B commerce has become an increasingly prominent trend. B2B buyers by day are often B2C buyers at night for their homes and families, and that means they’re increasingly comfortable placing and managing their orders on their own.

This means an important aspect of B2B Commerce is being able to live up to the growing expectations of self-service B2B Commerce.

In this Zoey Commerce Product Demo video, we take a closer look at the front end of Zoey, in particular the self-service B2B Ecommerce tools that are available on Zoey.

Our robust set of features allow your buyers to see individualized pricing, catalog, billing and shipping, among other information that can truly empower them to make a purchase. And our Account area lets buyers pay invoices, see order status, update their billing and shipping addresses, and much more.

In the coming weeks we’ll be releasing additional videos in the series, covering a variety of topics that will help those new to Zoey get to know our core feature set and the capabilities we have to offer B2B Commerce businesses.

Each video will focus on a specific topic, making it easier to find the information you’re looking for, and can be easily shared with other members of your team if you’re researching Zoey and its functionality.

Videos will be released here on the blog, as well as Zoey’s YouTube channel, where we have other information such as videos with some of our technology and agency partners sharing best practices and other helpful information on running a modern B2B Commerce business.

We previously released our first video which serves an introduction to the series, which you can watch here on the blog.

If you’d like to get your own personalized demo and speak to our Success Team about how Zoey can aid your wholesale, distribution or brand business, click the button below to request a chat with our team and we’ll show you how Zoey can help!

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