Zoey Updates for Spring 2021

Zoey recent updates

New Zoey updates come out all the time, one of the biggest benefits of a SaaS platform! Whether new features, bug fixes or improvements to existing capabilities, we’re releasing hundreds of updates every  year.

We shared with you recently the launch of our Android version of the Zoey app, but we’ve been hard at work on a variety of other updates as well. Here’s a roll-up of some of our updates throughout the last couple of months.

Check our support release notes for a complete list of what we’ve been working on for you, including topics not focused on here, such as API updates and bug fixes.

Customer Facing Updates
  • Wishlist and Minimum Quantities: Wishlists can now be automatically adjusted to respect the minimum quantity requirements for an item when placed on the list. For example, if a buyer tries to add 1 quantity of an item that requires a minimum purchase of 5, the Wishlist can now reflect that 5 minimum requirement.
  • Custom Product URL: You can set a product in a category page to redirect a user to a custom URL – this can be used to show various Variations in the category presentation, but link the customer to a single Configurable Product.
  • Swatch Updates: You can show swatches for variations that are out of stock. Swatch styles have also been added for the mobile view of Configurable Products.
  • Customer Password Expiration Option: You can designate that customer passwords expire after X days. When a customer logs in, it checks if the customer’s password has expired and, if it has, sends a Reset Password Email.
  • Packaging Updates: Each product can now have multiple packaging options (i.e. Case or Pallet, with different item quantities contained within). The packaging feature also now works with Configurable Products.
Billing/Shipping/Payment Updates
  • App-Specific Payment/Shipping Methods: As part of segmenting various payment and shipping methods, you can now elect to have certain options only available for your salespeople on the Zoey App.
  • Auto-Ship Setting for Flat Rate Shipping: You can now set up a Flat Rate Shipping method that auto-ships an order at the time it’s placed – this is useful for POS/Mobile Sales where items are hand-delivered at the time the order is placed, where there’s no additional shipping step required.
  • Net Terms Update: You can now configure net terms to begin the Net X countdown after shipping, and hold credit on all open orders.
  • Bill Pay Updates: Bill Pay now is able to work with guest orders (if you choose to allow this in your settings), and you now have the choice to not require someone to be logged in to use Bill Pay. You can also have a specific logo for the Bill Pay screen.
  • Gift Cards and Split Orders: You can now use gift cards for amounts that exceed or are short of a split order total. 
  • Payment Method Surcharge: You can add a percentage surcharge for orders placed with a specific payment method. Currently supported with Check/Money Order, Purchase Order, Cash On Delivery, Bank Transfer, Authorize.net payment methods.
Zoey Admin/Data Updates
  • Audit Logs Extension: Product Attribute, Group Price, Tier Price and Product Customization changes are all now incorporated into the Zoey audit logs for changes made.
  • Order Attribute Updates: With the new Order Attribute field logic and dependencies, you can include attributes when specific payment/shipping methods are selected, or when other attributes are set.
  • Reject pending orders: This new setting allows an administrator to reject a pending order. A “Pending Order Denied” email has also been added to the list of emails that can be sent.
  • Customer Specific Products: You can associate products with Customers or Accounts/Locations so only those specified can view/order the products.
  • Sales Rep Mapping via CSV: You can import Sales Reps onto Customers and Accounts using a CSV. sales_rep_emails is the column header (comma separated field) for the Customers CSV import. account_sales_rep_emails is the column header (comma separated field) for the Accounts CSV import.
  • Preview Email Upgrades: You can now preview an Email Template using a selected Order, Quote or Customer for more clear understanding of how an email will present.
  • File Upload Type: This new Order Attribute lets you declare the file upload type.
  • Email Account Permissions: New account permissions for quotes, orders and bills allows you to decide who can manage settings for “receive own email” and “receive email as cc.”
There’s Always More on the Way

Zoey regularly releases new feature updates, additions and fixes to keep all Zoey stores running at their peak. As a SaaS-driven solution, all customers benefit from changes upon release as their stores are updated automatically.

For a more complete list of updates made to Zoey, as well as newer updates than those shown here, click the button below to visit our release notes page in the support documentation:

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