Evaluating B2B eCommerce Solutions: Core Functionality

Technology and solutions for B2B and wholesale eCommerce businesses continue to rapidly evolve. As such it can be difficult to know what’s available off the shelf to strengthen your business and make it effective for all your stakeholders.

To help merchants as they work through their next store and what they require, Zoey has developed a checklist that can help merchants identify what will be most important, and make it easier to compare solutions. In this blog we look at many of the core features B2B and wholesale businesses tell us they need to function online, the sorts of basic features that most businesses need to leverage today.

If you’re considering your next move, we encourage you to think about which of these features are most important, and make sure you ask a provider if they can satisfy these requirements.

  • Wholesale Registration Capability: Let new wholesale customers register and provide the required documentation to be able to purchase online.

  • Public Catalog: Allow your products to be publicly visible for potential customers and SEO benefits.

  • Hide Pricing on Public Catalog: If your pricing is proprietary or varies by customer, you may wish to not show pricing on your visible-to-all portion of the website.

  • Add to Cart Only for Registered Customers: If you do not wish to have guests shopping on your site, you can restrict the cart to only appear to logged in customers.

  • Require Login to View Site: Many B2B businesses choose to lock down their ordering portal to only those who are registered.

  • Advanced eCommerce Analytics: Customer and ordering pattern insights; see most profitable successful products and customers; segment customers for marketing purposes based on various criteria; etc.

  • Quick Order Screen: Quickly search products or enter SKUs and quantities for bulk addition to the cart.

  • Table/Catalog Shopping View: Easily display a group of products for easy skimming/ordering vs. having to view products one by one for addition to the cart.

  • Catalog search: Ability to search across the store for items; additional needs may include SKU searching, searching for parts by product, fuzzy search, etc.

To see the entire list of features, organized helpfully by category to help you plan for your next site, download our checklist:

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