Milkhouse Candle Co. Migrates B2B Sales to the Zoey Platform, With Major Gains

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If you’re managing both wholesale/B2B and B2C sales, there are a variety of ways to operate. You can select a solution for each arm of the business and run each workflow separately. Or, using a tool like Zoey, you can manage both the B2B and B2C order placement and management through a single solution.

One Zoey customer, Milkhouse Candle Company, tried both ways and ultimately found centralizing in Zoey to be a decision that proved fruitful in improving their sales and operations.

Who Is Milkhouse Candle Co.?

Milkhouse Candle has been a customer of Zoey’s for years. Initially, they leveraged Zoey primarily for a direct-to-consumer store, and selected Handshake for B2B operations, believing having separate workflows may make it easier than trying to do everything in one place.

Unfortunately, the rollout of Handshake, which still had issues more than a year after deployment, continued to be shaky enough to encourage Milkhouse Candle to take another look at Zoey’s offerings. Key was the addition of an app for sales reps, a feature Handshake also had but was where many of the challenges were persisting.

After evaluating Zoey’s offering, Milkhouse Candle president Eric Sparrow said the decision to shift was easy, and was quickly confirmed to be the right choice.

Sparrow said, “We’ve been doing this for less than two months on the Zoey side, to get to what took a year on Handshake to get it launched and six months more to try and iron out issues. I love what you’re doing.”

Improvements Since Working With Zoey

They saw a variety of strong improvements to their business by working with Zoey, including:

  • 70% sales growth over the same months last year
  • 43% less time per order
  • 2 less sales staff required
  • 37% increase in the number of customers ordering online vs phone calls for B2B sales
  • New B2B customer requests are up 72% over the same months last year, and it’s easier than ever to approve stores to order
  • 12 hours a day in data entry eliminated over their original process

The Secret Sauce: The Zoey Mobile App

For Sparrow and Milkhouse Candle, the app is their secret sauce to getting orders placed by their wholesale buyers handled quickly, in a time when many businesses are stretched thinner than ever.

“We respect our customers’ time,” Sparrow said. “They’re wearing a lot of hats. Maybe when the economy was better, they had five people running registers stocking shelves, but right now it’s them plus one. We want to make sure when that customer calls to order, they can get on and off that phone in a jiffy. Instead of switching between screens on their computer, we have this app ready to go.”

Work With Us

Milkhouse Candle Company is one of many businesses who have found Zoey to be a strong addition to their toolkit, and Zoey’s customers have been quite vocal about the quality of Zoey’s solution and support. That’s why we’ve won awards in recent months from Featured Customers and SoftwareReviews, along with strong ratings on sites such as Trustpilot.

If you’d like to see how Zoey can facilitate your company’s B2B commerce transformation, simply click the button below to request a conversation with a member of our Customer Success team:

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