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Improved Design Capabilities For Developers and Merchants

Beyond Basic APIs

We’re giving you access to all of Zoey’s functionality so you can push the limits of what’s possible and create amazing experiences.

Convert Magento 1.x Extensions With Ease

We’ve built a system that helps you convert your Magento 1.x module into a Zoey compatible app so you don’t need to start from scratch.

Open a New Revenue Stream

We’re including tools to help you sell apps to merchants and acquire new customers, increasing subscriptions and earning you more revenue.

Deeper Access
Than Other Platforms

We’re giving you robust access to Zoey’s core functionality so you can create rich, powerful applications that extends Zoey’s power and provide valuable functionality needed by our customers.

Develop in a Local

Zoey Core is a local development environment that allows you to develop and test your code to ensure it’s bug-free before pushing it live.

In the near future, we’ll add new tools to Zoey Core:

  • Version control
  • Automated regression testing
  • Continuous integration and seamless updates

Sell Your Apps to
Everyone, or Limit Access

There are a number of ways developers can use apps in Zoey:

  • Sell your apps to all merchants with the Zoey Marketplace
  • Keep apps private so only your clients can use them
  • Download your apps to any store you have access to and reuse them on other Zoey projects

Make Your Magento 1.x Module Work With Zoey

We’ve created a simple way to make your Magento module compatible with Zoey in as little as 10 minutes. Once your app is converted, you can start selling it to Zoey customers.

Integrate Into Zoey’s Admin Interface

Our AngularJS-based API lets you integrate your app with Zoey’s admin interface. Add new pages, build custom forms and tap into built-in tools like our media manager to make your app feel like a native Zoey experience.

Simplified Billing and Provisioning

Tap into Zoey’s native account provisioning and billing tools to reduce friction in the signup process, increasing conversions. You can also tap into our access restriction tools to manage permissions if your app is only for certain user role.

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