Customers Will Tell You Whether a Solution Can Truly Support You

Quality of Support

When it comes to a given software solution, the opinion and feedback of its own customers will tell you much of what you need to know about whether they’re truly there to help you, or if they’ve created an environment that’s difficult to navigate.

Zoey Word Cloud Software Reviews

SoftwareReviews regularly surveys customers of platforms like Zoey, to get the feedback that can be so helpful to those evaluating options. The Word Cloud above shows the words that are most impactful to the customers surveyed, with the darkest green being most impactful. These include:

These key words are backed up by other linked words like Trustworthy, Transparent, Over Delivered, Inspiring and Unique Features.

The Zoey team is truly focused on offering a product that’s unique and different, and backing it up with a sales approach that’s more focused on fit than hard sales tactics, and support that’s about successful outcomes rather than passing it off to third parties who may or may not have your best interests in mind.

When you select Zoey as a platform, we see the entire process as an opportunity to help you identify your business’ pain points and how Zoey can specifically alleviate them and help you move forward. 

We do this in five steps:

  1. We schedule an initial chat to better understand what you’re looking for and ensure it’s a good fit for what we offer.
  2. We review a checklist of common B2B Commerce needs and schedule a demo to give you an overview of Zoey
  3. We present that demo, with a focus on the core capabilities of Zoey to show you what we’ve developed for businesses like yours
  4. We send over a proposal with an estimate of what we think you’ll need on Zoey to achieve success. No signature is required at this stage
  5. We provide a more detailed walkthrough that’s specifically targeted at the specific issues you need Zoey to resolve, and how specifically Zoey can accomplish them.

If you’re excited at that step, we want to work with you and move forward! If you have questions or concerns to resolve at that stage, we’re here to help you work through it. And once you decide to move forward with Zoey, we’ve got a process to help you get started, through training and education with one of our veteran launch specialists.

Zoey’s team is here to help you work through your requirements. Just click the button below to schedule a chat and begin the five steps today! You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get moving with a new solution. Contact us now to get started:

Talk to the Zoey Team

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